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Emergency Troubleshooting

We will happily perform a complimentary well walk through to help you understand how your well functions daily. When something starts to change such as pressure, air in lines, increased or sudden appearance of sand, weird noises, or spike in your power bill, it’s time to call Hydrotech Drilling. These can all be indicators that something in your system has changed and needs to be addressed.

Usually catching a problem early will prevent further damage from occuring.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Check the bottom of the Control Box, if it is possible to reset there will be one or two big buttons. Push both in, use force as sometimes it is difficult to push them in, if they click that means the box tripped. Check your water and see if it comes back on. If it happens to come back on it means something has caused the box to trip, however you should still contact us to arrange our crew to go out and check it. Resetting is just a temporary fix.
  2. Pressure switch. Check the switch for debris or bugs, this will often prevent the switch from making contact, leaving you without water. Turn your power off before clearing the debris.
  3. If there is no control box or the reset button didn’t pop, check the breaker panel and reset if necessary.
  4. Freezing is generally not an issue until tempertures go down into the single digits. Be sure to keep garage doors and culvert lids closed at all times, this helps to keep cold air away from equipment and prevent freezing. When temps do get into single digits it is a good idea to run a space heater or place a heat lamp near the equipment to prevent freezing.

If these steps did not help, feel free to call us. We are always happy to help you.